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  • Salvation Without Drama, Please

    While we would prefer it that God grant us salvation from the trials and tribulations of the human condition without having to endure so much, we are called to believe that in one way, shape, or form God will provide. That’s the point – God sees us, and God will

  • All the Marys and Their Rebellion

    Many people work so hard to try and create a life for themselves that is without sadness, disappointment, pain, and suffering. Yet the reality has always been that these things are part of what it means to be alive and to engage in loving relationships with others, to exist. Friends,

  • In the Beginning, God – (and then, a whole lot more)

    The historical and biblical records show — in fact, our own lives bear witness to the fact — that really difficult times often feel like they are prevailing. Yet, the scriptures remind us that God is still at work creating life. I maintain the belief that Genesis had it correct

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