During this unusual season figuring out how to participate and engage with the church can be challenging and confusing.  Our congregation has made to difficult decision not to meet in person.  Worship continues on line and we are at work to finds way to engage in meaningful worship.  Some small group are meeting and most church business is being conducted virtually.  However, our core principles remain unchanged. Every follower of Jesus, in all times, seeks to grow, share and see God.  Here are a few suggestions to engage in “church” during this extraordinary season:


Choose to be fully present in worship every Sunday morning   wherever you may be.  Feel free to provide a candle, a bible, something from the natural world, to ground you in the sacredness of this time together.  We encourage you to join us on Facebook LIVE every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. You are welcome to contact the church office to obtain zoom log-in information.

Though we may not be able to meet together in worship, now more than ever we seek to engage in honest discipleship.  We seek to follow Christ in scripture and through prayer. Here are some additional resources to help you personally worship with Jesus.


Our beloved community may seem to be wandering in the wilderness.   Several small groups are regularly gathering through small gatherings and video conference (zoom meetings). If you’d like to connect with a group during this season, please let us know and we’ll be able to help.

All are welcome to share and participate.  Now more than ever is the perfect time to reach out to friends and family who aren’t engaging with the church and may feel lonely or lost.  Invite them them join us online.


Strengthen the church by serving and giving.  LCPC is committed to living into our name sake – community —especially during this season.

Use your gifts of time a talent to share with the world and those in need. We have numerous opportunities to serve even during this extraordinary season providing relief and support to those who have been immediately affected by the pandemic as well as our greater communities.



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