Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church (LCPC) is a congregation that has lived in the heart of Lyndhurst of 90 years.  Our history tells of a church committed to the community and the reforming traditions of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), the story we share tells of people invited to share in the wonder of God with us.

We like to think of ourselves as a come-as-you-are congregation. Early or later on a Sunday morning, formally dressed or in your slippers, with a hot beverage or a wondering heart, all who wish to catch the slightest vision of what God is doing are welcome. We believe LCPC  is a place that can speak to you, comfort you, challenge you and provide you with a spiritual home.  If you are visiting for the first time, here are things you may like to know.

What do I expect on Sunday Morning?

LCPC enjoys two morning worship services, each with a unique format and feel.  The Gathering Service begins at 9:00 a.m.  The style is informal, with lively music, a family vibe and loose structure.  11:00 Morning Worship is a traditional service with the full choir, familiar hymns, thoughtful prayers and readings. Holy Communion is shared on the first Sunday of the month, at both worship services.

During the Summer months (Memorial Day - week after Labor Day) there is a single worship service at 10:00 a.m.

What happens between services?

The hour between services is our learning and formation time.  Children meet for their classes held throughout our facility.  Adults also share time together and pursue a wide range of topics including open discussion of weekly biblical text.

Where are the church offices?

LCPC offices are located at the southeast corner of the church building, the entryway is marked office.  Office hours are Monday through Friday,  9:30 am – 3:30 pm.   If your are visiting during office hours we ask that you please ring at the entry door.  We want you to visit, but need to be extra safe. The Preschool maintains their own offices in the Child Enrichment wing (southwest corner.) The church phone number 440-442-2331.

This is a big building, what door do I use?

On Sunday morning the hub of welcome and fellowship is the Foyer located between the two wings. Entrance is in the back of the building and easily accessible from the parking lot.  A flower garden courtyard will be the first to greet you! Chairlifts are available to access the sanctuary and lower levels from the Foyer entrance.  Friends who require wheelchair accessibly are welcome to use the circular driveway entrance located at the front east corner of the building,

Ministry Information

Who do I ask about Faith Formation?

For more information, contact our Formation Coordinator, Colleen Bloom.  See lots of ministry and learning opportunities on the LCPC calendar.

I want to learn more about Mission at LCPC?

For information about our congregation’s mission involvement see all the way to Connect, or talk with Pastor Francis.  There are many active small groups at work that work passionately to grow God's Kin-dom.  Peace and Justice, Race and Reconciliation, Youth Fellowship, LCPC green-initiative, Dougbe River Presbyterian School  are all exciting things to learn about.

I want to learn more about Saturday Tutoring at LCPC? 

To learn how to serve as a tutor see our Saturday Tutoring Page or call the church office at 440-442-2331


Can I rent Bloomfield Hall for an event or meeting?

Bloomfield Hall is available for rent based on availability.  The hall features 6000 square feet of space.  Table seating is available for up to 100 guests. A full kitchen can be used for an additional charge.  Sound and video equipment and be obtained from our tech partners.

How do I get information about the Preschool?

Our preschool, the Childhood Enrichment Center, is one of the finest anywhere. Ask anyone. To learn more, visit the CEC website or call 440-442-2333.

Financial Information

How do I make a memorial donation to the church?

For questions about gifts, donations, pledging and the LCPC budget, contact the Church Office at 440-442-2331.

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