We claim that education at LCPC is the faithful formation for the practice of life. Thoughtful spiritual formation allows us to claim a love that has the power to shape and transform us. All of us, from pre-schooler to faith leaders, long time members to confirmands, we all share in the discovery of what God is doing.

Children and Youth

Front Door: Ages 3 to 5th grade -

  • Virtual church

The stories of the Bible capture the imagination and shape the beginning of faith. At LCPC we believe God is very much a part of who we are and is well at home in our heart. In this class children are invited to throw the door to their heart wide open and allow God to settle in.

Virtual Church for Children

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Arts Sunday and Children's Music

Arts Sunday

We Believe - a children's lesson in the confessions.

On the first Sunday of every month all children and youth meet together to share God's story interactively.  Storytelling, design, painting and visual elements for use in worship are a few of our Arts Sunday creations.



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